Mission Breakout

Escape rooms have become an incredibly popular activity and often seen as a bit of a fad…

…but, when a fad can be so much fun, why not take part?

Mission Breakout is by far the hardest escape room I’ve ever taken part in and definitely in the coolest venue. Located in the disused tube station, South Kentish Town, it creates an air of mystery and reality that warehouse based escape rooms sometimes fail to deliver.

You and your team find that you’ve been given a mission by Winston Churchill who needs you to solve all the puzzles and escape from the room before your time is up. Full of twists and turns, fancy dress and much-needed team playing. I would recommend it as a great form of fun for you and your friends and/or family.

Also, for history buffs, it’s pretty cool being able to see a disused tube station and if that doesn’t encourage you, for those who like a spooky story it is rumoured to be haunted!



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