The Stable, Whitechapel

If you love cider, good pizza and great pie then this is the place to go. The Stable actually have 17 locations across the UK with two in London. I’ve only ever visited the Whitechapel branch, but it’s absolutely delightful.

For someone who gets lost in the excitement of trying new ciders, The Stable is a dream come true. With a whole range of ciders from small-scale producers as well as some of those brands you would come to expect, it’s exciting to try something new.

The Stable really cater for this experience, offering taster boards to really give you a wide selection to choose from. There’s nothing better than finding your new favourite cider after trying 12 others!

The Stables (2)

The food is also delicious, a simple menu, with interesting toppings for the pizzas and fillings for the pie. You will find yourself satisfied and delighted by the range of flavours as well as filling your belly ready for your next round of ciders.

The seasonal special, goat pie, was probably one of the best pies I’ve ever had and I’m waiting with anticipation for it to appear again.

With fair prices, great location, friendly staff, delicious food and an unparalleled selection of cider; The Stable is definitely the place to visit.


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