With three locations in London and one in Brighton, B.Y.O.C. really does embrace the spirit of the speakeasy of 1920s United States.

The concept is simple, patrons are asked to bring a bottle of their favourite spirit and their bartenders will whip you up a fantastic cocktail out of the syrups, juices and bitters.

I attended with a few friends and we had six cocktails in the two-hour slot that you’re allotted. It would be easy to think of the £30 entry fee and bring your own bottle of spirit that this is a bit of a novelty trap. Albeit I would recommend this on a celebratory occasion rather than a casual night out but the money does feel worth it.

The cocktails are unique, suited to your tastes (there certainly won’t be any ‘Pornstar Martinis’ served here), and after six very strong but delicious cocktails, trust me you won’t want to stay any longer. Plus if you do the maths, it works out just over £5 per cocktail, tell me where you can get a good cocktail in London for that price?

The atmosphere always has the air of the 1920s about it, the staff are friendly and the bartenders really know their stuff.

I have visited the Camden and Soho branch and both are absolutely brilliant. Soho is much smaller than the Camden branch and therefore a different atmosphere altogether.

Pre-warning, always book way in advance, otherwise, you have no chance of getting in.



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